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Disney Cruise Line

Let Your Dreams Set Sail

A Disney Cruise Line vacation is for everyone…and every age! With so many unique adventures and magical moments, everyone will think this vacation was designed just for them!

Families will delight in a special club with hilarious game shows, karaoke and activities, plus a family pool and deck parties. For adults, how about an afternoon of pampering and fitness or lounging by the adult pool? Then experience onboard programs that explore wine tasting, cooking, behind-the-scenes peeks at Disney projects and more.

And while adults are enjoying these...where are the kids? Having a blast! They’re off enjoying programs designed just for them, providing non-stop diversions from 9am until midnight. Meanwhile, teens can hang out at their own teens-only hub, and enjoy music, games, dance parties, and more!

And most Disney Cruise Line itineraries will visit Castaway Cay. It’s Disney’s own private island paradise, with separate white sand beaches for families, teens and adults, along with lots of optional activities.

The Disney touch extends to dining, too, with a unique concept that takes you to three uniquely-themed restaurants. But your wait staff moves with you each night to deliver unsurpassed personalized service.

Whether you sail on a 3- or 4-Night Bahamian Cruise, a 7-Night Caribbean Cruise, a 7-Night Land & Sea Vacation, or a special sailing, an unforgettable Disney Cruise Line vacation lies ahead.

Disney's Visa® Card Benefits

Got one in your wallet? If so, Tell us!

Disney's Visa® Card holders may be entitled to extra benefits for certain vacation packages. If you are a card member, please be sure to include that information on your quote request. Remember, these offers are good when you use the card, so be sure to pay your entire vacation with your Disney's Visa® Card and/or Disney RewardsSM.

New Passport Requirements

Please note that travelers to and from certain destinations in the Western Hemisphere, as well as international destinations, will be required to have a passport or other secure, accepted document to enter or re-enter the United States and must provide the cruise line with passport numbers 75 days before your vacation starts. Please ask your Vacation Planner about the specific procedure for your particular cruise line.

How to Get a Passport

Please visit the U.S. Department of State website at or call the U.S. National Passport Information Center at 877-4USA-PPT for more information.

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