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Discover The Wonder

At Epcot®, Disney’s unique park of discovery, high tech fun and imagination are combined with the wonder of diverse cultures in two distinct worlds,Future World and World Showcase. Both are bursting with thrills and excitement.

Rocket into outer space in an all-new, one-of-a-kind astronaut-like experience. Mission: SPACE, presented by HP, blasts guests into the most thrilling ride ever, from the pulse-pounding liftoff to the spectacular sensations of traveling though space. Then, buckle up for Test Track, and find out just how fast fast really is! Travel down the “Road to Tomorrow” at Innoventions® to experience new technologies first-hand... even before the rest of the world! Descend fathoms to an incredible underwater world at the Living Seas or join Dr. Nigel Channing and the lovable, irrepressible Figment on a journey that will spark your imagination...and your senses.

But, that’s only half the fun. In World Showcase, you can travel around the world...and you don’t even need a passport! Eleven great nations offer the best of their food, music, products and culture. Journey through the poetic mountains of China; soar in a balloon over France; sail down a River of Time in Mexico. And the food! Gourmet French cuisine... succulent steaks from the Great White North... bratwurst and beer from Germany... Mediterranean sandwiches from Morocco...the finest seafood, sushi and vegetables from Japan...fresh-baked Norwegian pastries and desserts... it’s an international feast of delectable delights. Plus, you can shop ‘til you drop, indulging in tempting Guerlain fragrances, Goebel Hummel figurines, glass etchings, antiques, trinkets, jewelry, gifts, toys and more. You’ll find something to amaze and excite everywhere you turn...from living “statues” in France to rock ‘n’ roll bagpipers in Canada.

The grand finale? IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, an inspiration of music, fireworks, lasers and special effects celebrating the planet we call home.

Epcot®. Two big worlds of discovery. One incredible experience unlike any other on earth.