Sharla was amazing and went above and beyond for us. Not only did she address any question or concern, some that were probably not under her “domain”, she dealt with them and in a very prompt manner. The icing on the cake was this…..on Friday night as we were preparing to leave on Saturday, we discovered that our flight had been moved two hours earlier. The five o’clock in the morning hour is so much earlier than the seven o’clock hour. Discovering this so late, which is an issue with another company entirely, was less than pleasant. How would we get to the airport now? Why didn’t we get to bed earlier? We also did not know how we would get a spot on the Magical Express. It was already closed and could not be reached until after our plane took off. As we were working on contingency plans, I emailed Sharla on the off-chance that she could assist. Within minutes, she responded and assured us that she would get this taken care of. WOW! What could have been a very bad start to our vacation was in fact magical thanks to Sharla.

Eric A.