I found a Heather Coursen because I requested a quote for a roomblock with Disney for my wedding in september. I heard that it would be helpful to have a travel agent to help organize all of my guests. Little did I know that it would be helpful to me to have her to help organize my vacation! I am a planner so I never considered using a travel agent but now I will never book another trip without Heather! She was so helpful! It is so much easier to get my questions answered by her then it is but Disney. In the past I would call Disney with my questions on my lunch break and spend my entire lunch break on hold waiting to talk to someone. But on this trip I would just shoot Heather an email and she was always so quick to get back to me! Not only that but she went out of her way to remind me about dining reservations and FastPass Plus reservations. She even set up my Magically Express for me which was great! Last trip we forgot to do it until a few days be fore and because of that we did not get our tags to try out having Disney deliver our bags to us. Because of Heather setting up our Magically Express for us on time we were able to try out the luggage delivery service and it was so great!

H. Nazzaro