With hurricane Dorian affecting our RCI cruise the day before we had to board a plane to Florida, we decided to change our plans to an all inclusive resort in Mexico the same day. Jennifer Kelln amazing, she responded to every call and email instantly. We went from being disappointed by not being able to go on our cruise to thrilled to having a resort and airline reservations booked within a matter of hours due Jennifer's meticulous and insanely fast research skills. Jennifer helped us get on 7:45 AM plane booked for us to head to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico the next day. It does not stop there, even while we were in Mexico enjoying the warm weather and beautiful views, Jennifer was still a big help during our vacation helping us with understanding where to book excursions, converting currency and getting the best deals. Jennifer has gone above and beyond for our family and our friends. It's for this reason why we continue to refer her to so many of them. We're truly thankful for her help in getting us to our much needed vacation. Thank you Jennifer!