Yet again, Katherine Price proved how invaluable she is to vacation planning. My husband and I were planning a ten day, going all out vacation to celebrate our ten year anniversary. The resort that we wanted to stay at was initially booked, Katherine bent over backwards to try and get us into that resort and was successful. She took care of researching and planning every detail of our trip for us, so when we got to our destination we could focus solely on enjoying our trip. And the night before we were set to leave early the next morning, our flights were canceled. I had registered for every flight tracking phone app known to man to notify me if one of our flights were to be canceled. Katherine had called me even before I was notified by my phone app, with the airline on her other line. Within an hour she had taken care of everything. This was very late at night, mind you. I don't know how she did it! I was able to go to sleep that nigh t with the peace of mind knowing that we were still going to be able to go on our vacation for the entire ten days. And because our trip was postponed a few days, she rescheduled all of our reservations for us. Thanks to Katherine, we had the BEST vacation ever!!

Candace S.